Listening to the Divine

How many times have you wondered what to do, how things will ever work out or what you need to do differently?  How many times have you felt disconnected, uncertain, unsettled or unfulfilled?  Have you ever wondered “is this all there is?”

Anytime you think, feel or believe you are stuck, could it be because you have lost touch with your own inner knowing and… honestly, isn’t there just too much too do to try to figure this out?!

What I have come to understand about all of this is that when we shut ourselves off from our higher self there comes a time when we feel as though we are chasing our own tails because the real answers are suddenly beyond our reach.  We unknowingly detach from the best guidance we could ever have, our own intuition, and start to seek answers outside of ourselves  and through the best intentions – although not always – of others.  This is not to say that mentors and guides aren’t important, I’m a believer in having teachers and resources as they will all contribute to a positive life however, the best source for every answer you may ever need is found inside of you.

Discovering that voice may prove a little tricky.  While it is there, we all have it, odds are it has not been listened to or developed in a long time, therefore the willingness to be silent, to practice some form of self discipline is going to be an important part of breaking through to it’s active participation.  And, it takes time.  If you are in too much of a hurry to stop and ask yourself how you feel about life, any situation you are currently going through and/or circumstances you may be facing, then don’t expect to get much in the way of different results.

Learning how to open up and hear yourself, tapping into your higher self, your intuition, is an incredible gift to give yourself.  The best part is that once you awaken this part of your nature and learn to hone it, you will have an internal guidance system at your beck and call any time you need an answer.   It is simply learning, practicing and art of listening to the divine.

Your Partner in Success,
Deborah Bishop